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Purple Perfect Ltd

Serenity Spa – St. Raphael Resort

About Serenity Spa - St. Raphael Resort

Serenity Spa at St Raphael Resort and Marina believes firmly in sustainability. We want to support our local heritage, culture, nature, traditions and people. Our staff are carefully selected and trained to the highest standards, in doing so we do not only offer the best customer service, but also create the best team spirit and the best balance of expertise.

We want to offer all our customers, hotel guests, members and locals alike with the best of Cyprus: friendly service, Impeccable treatments and local products with pure nature being at the heart of our philosophy. Not only are none of the products, we choose to work with, tested on animals, but where possible they have been certified vegan and are from organic and natural sources. Furthermore, all products we work with are from companies that firmly stand for the environment, their local people and neighbors, and promoting natural, pure ingredients.

We have no doubt that you, our valued and most special guests, will enjoy every part of your experience at our award wining spa. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the 'Serenity Spa' family and will be delighted to help you in any part of your spa journey from selecting a treatment, tailor-making a package just for you and in advising on "after spa" programmes.