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WetRox Spa

About WetRox Spa Design

WetRox Spa Design specializes in the Engineering Design of Hydrothermal Spa Areas.

The 12 Years of experience in designing and engineering of Spa wet areas for both luxury houses and professional wellness centers, made us experts in making every unique Spa Vision a reality. We have the knowledge of how to integrate aesthetic design with engineering so as to offer the best Hydrothermal experiences.

We always work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, homeowners and Spa/Hotel owners so as to provide an accurate and deep understanding of the Technical aspects of building hydrothermal experiences.

We design Spa wet areas not only to today’s most current codes and standards but also to last the test of time.

Our residential Spa design is guaranteed to be to the same standards and specifications as a 5-Star Spa Hotel but just on a smaller scale!!